“There’s affordable quality and there’s cheap. The latter is more expensive in the long run. Affordable quality is cheaper over time” CJ

Why us?

Jobs2Bdone was created and set up by Chris. A small local service set up to fill the gap between large expensive, uncaring companies and cheap and cheerful rogues. A friendly, courteous, caring service is provided across the country. If you need help to complete maintenance tasks or small projects this is the place to be.

No job too big, no task too small. I will always consider your request and help if I can.

Bedsit, flat, house or other, garden, fence, roof or driveway all you have to do is ask.

A bit about me…

Chris; thats me. I have a lot of experience, knowledge and skills. A family man who grew up in Barnet. Married my childhood sweetheart and have two lovely children. I grew up in a strong family unit with a very principled father, who had an uncanny ability to be able to fix and do anything. Sadly the only thing he could not fix was his heart when he passed. Inspired by him and having lots of family in all of the trades, I was keen to learn and take on new challenges. Unable to choose between the different trades and skills my path took a different turn, but that’s another story. The years passed and I found immense satisfaction keeping up that knowledge, skill and enthusiasm to learn and take on new challenges. My father instilled in me honesty, integrity, accountability. My mother instilled kindness, caring and optimism. So what I’m saying is I’m just like you, the neighbor next door, the man up the road, I’m not perfect but I pride myself on quality. I have a good eye for detail and will take time to get the job done properly and efficiently. I want to work with you, not for you to help and advise, to fix or find a solution to your everyday problems inside and outside your home I have been doing this type of work for a while now and have built up a good, all be it small clientele, however, I am looking to extend my services and offer them to others. If you would like to be one of those people and not just another number in the big corporate wheel, click here to get those bits and bobs sorted as there are always jobs2bdone.

Services on offer…

My job doesn’t always involve building and fixing things. I am also available for many other things. Have a look at my projects page for examples of jobs, such as replacing a broken window pane, fitting/repairing taps, moving items or hanging things up. If you would like to see some of the other services I offer, please click here to look at the past projects page where there are many images of my work and capabilities.